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October 2018
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Artwork at Frye BackRoads


This photo shows some of the framed artwork ready for sale at Frye BackRoads.  This represents the variety of artists from the FBR collections.  Some of the artists in this view are Howard Terpning, Frank Howell, Michael Gentry, Charles Chapman,  Gordon Snidow, Kirby Satler, Ted Blaylock, Georgia O’Keefe, Wysocki, Bev Doolittle,  Arnold Freiberg , Woody Crumbo . . . → Read More: Artwork at Frye BackRoads


Data acquisition involves the use of a lot of tranducers.  These sense strain, pressure, linear displacement, humidity, temperature, voltage, electrical current, vibration, light and perhaps some other suspicious things that I don’t recall at this time.  As time permits I will explain more about this fascinating subject (at least to me) with some photos.  . . . → Read More: Transducers

Shooting Periodicals and Forums

Rifle accuracy and NRA periodicals commonly read by shooters

Rifle accuracy and NRA periodicals commonly read by shooters

Accuracy is important to most participants of shooting activities.  There are many helpful sources of information available.  Two magazines standout published for the accuracy rifle operator—-Varmint Hunter and Precision Shooting.  Precision Shooting is published monthly while the Varmint Hunter is a quarterly as a part . . . → Read More: Shooting Periodicals and Forums

Frog Woman Bowl

Joy Navasie Frog Woman Bowl

Joy Navise perhaps better known as Frog Woman is the maker of this bowl.  I feel very lucky to own this piece as I purchased this bowl from the trading post in New Mexico about an hour after she had sold it to them.  Her work is very much in demand as she is considered to be . . . → Read More: Frog Woman Bowl

Ammo on a Budget

Wolf 223 budget ammo

Wolf 223 budget ammo