Artwork at Frye BackRoads

This photo shows some of the framed artwork ready for sale at Frye BackRoads.  This represents the variety of artists from the FBR collections.  Some of the artists in this view are Howard Terpning, Frank Howell, Michael Gentry, Charles Chapman,  Gordon Snidow, Kirby Satler, Ted Blaylock, Georgia O’Keefe, Wysocki, Bev Doolittle,  Arnold Freiberg , Woody Crumbo and others that are out of this photo.

2 comments to Artwork at Frye BackRoads

  • Jim Thomas

    HELLO, wOULD YOU BE FAMILIAR WITH “FRYE JEWELERS OF SEDAN KANSAS”? If so please contact me as i have an old clock that I purchased from an old gentleman approx 40 years ago in chautaqua Ka. I have recently retired and brought the clock from my office to my home. The clocl is a Sessions, oak , weight driven with an ornate top probably from the 1880′s. It has a glass front door with round top. In gold letter (Frye Jewelers). Thanks for your comment or interest. Jim Thomas

  • fryebackroads

    Now there is some serious art.

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