Shooting Periodicals and Forums

Rifle accuracy and NRA periodicals commonly read by shooters

Accuracy is important to most participants of shooting activities.  There are many helpful sources of information available.  Two magazines standout published for the accuracy rifle operator—-Varmint Hunter and Precision Shooting.  Precision Shooting is published monthly while the Varmint Hunter is a quarterly as a part of  annual dues.  The Varmint Hunter is available now  in digital format.  Both magazines are collected and old issue collections are offered for sale.  Precision Shooting contents include IBS sanctioned news and match reports.  The Varmint Hunter sponsors shooting events and caters the guess what?  —-varmint hunters.  The American Rifleman is one of the perks for belonging to the NRA.  There are links to forums relating to accuracy shooting and more listed in the blogroll on this website.  There are many forums and I will not try to list them all—-just the ones I read and know about—let me know if you find a good one.

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